Soholaunch User Manual

The Dashboard

Logging in to Edit Your Website

You log in to your Soholaunch website by adding /sohoadmin at the end of your website address in the browser's address bar. For example:

where should be your own website address. Use the login info that you entered during checkout/installation.

The Dashboard

Once you log in, the first page you see is the Dashboard. It gives you a glimpse of important information about your site.

  • When a software update is available, the Dashboard alerts you about it.
  • You may always navigate back to the Dashboard with the "Dashboard" link at the top left corner.
  • The View Website and Help buttons are at the top right. These buttons are available throughout the website builder.

The other items in the Dashboard are explained below.

What Should I Do Next Wizard
The Wizard is the first item at the top of the page. It provides a list of tasks that will help you put the minimum structure of your site together.

Depending on the progess you make with the tasks, the Wizard guides you through the next steps. It guides you on tasks such as adding pages and menu items and uploading a logo image. Click the link that is provided, and it will take you to the right area.


Getting Started Video
The getting started video is the next link that appears to the right of the wizard.


Similar to the "What Should I Do Next" wizard, the Getting Start video shows step-by-step directions on:

  • creating pages
  • uploading files and images
  • adding a template to your site
  • inserting menu items
  • getting help

Visitor Traffic Summary
The Visitor Traffic Summary displays details about hits and visitors to your site. The bar graph shows unique visitors and page views with orange and blue bars, respectively. Any recent purchases from your shopping cart also show up here as a green bar.


Recently Edited Pages
Recently Edited Pages appears near the bottom of the dashboard and shows the last pages that you changed. Each page has a link, so this is an easy way to jump back to the page and continue working on it. You can view a complete list of your pages by clicking Full Page List.