Soholaunch User Manual

Blog RSS

The blog module has an RSS feed that your blog readers can view and register for so that they get the latest updates on your blog.

The location of your blog feed feed can be found at For example, if had a blog feed, it could be found at


Additionally, the feed URL can be altered to display the feed of a certain category, rather than display the updates for all categories as the link shown above does. To display only one category, you need to know the number assigned to the category. The number for the category counts down from 1 moving down the list of categories that show when you open the blog module from the Ultra dashboard. So the number for the category at the top of the list has the number 1. The category under that has the number 2; and the category under that has the number 3; and so on. The URL to link to a category is 

where is your website address and the number after "cat=" is the number for the blog category. In the example above, the URL would link to category 1 , which is the number referenced at the very end of the URL, after "cat=". As mentioned earlier, category 1 is the category at the top of the categories list in the blog module.

Alternatively, if you wanted to link to category 2, the URL would look like: