Soholaunch User Manual

Renaming and Deleting Files

The File Manager feature allows you to view, download, rename, and delete the images, documents, custom includes, and other files that you have uploaded to your website through the File Manager feature.

  • Image files will have a Edit icon that appears to the left of each file.
  • Clicking this icon will open up the built-in image editor.
  • To download an image you are viewing, right-click on the image and select "Save Picture As" from the menu that appears.
  • Other files will have a blue down-arrow icon, which allows you to download them.
  • To the right of each file currently residing on your site, you have the option to enter a new name.
    WARNING: Renaming a file which has already been placed on a page will result in the page being unable to locate that file for display. The file will need to be re-installed to the page after being renamed.
  • Next to each file currently residing on your site, you have the options to enter a new name or select it for deletion.
    WARNING: All file deletions are unrecoverable. Please excercise caution when deleting files.

To commit changes, click the “Update Files” button at the bottom of the page.