Soholaunch User Manual


By default, the Soholaunch platform places generic text regarding privacy, shipping, and returns. An additional "Other Policy" option is also available, but left blank by default. You may edit this text with your own text at any time by clicking inside the text box. This information is then readily accessible at any time via the "Search Column". If you wish to not display any of this information, delete all text in the appropriate text areas and this information will not be displayed.

For first-time use, you must open and save the default policies for them to be displayed within your Shopping Cart environment.

Privacy Policy
Standardized eCommerce systems use a privacy policy to disclose how systems operate. The one provided here is generic and covers all technical issues regarding the operation of this shopping cart system such as session management and cookies. You may wish to modify this policy statement to your particular business needs. It should disclose all information pertaining to the use and storage of all data gathered from the checkout process.

Shipping Policy
Your shipping policy informs your customers of how and when you ship the items that they purchase. Be as detailed as possible here and note any special charges that may occur.

Returns/Exchanges Policy
If your customers wish to return of exchange an item purchased online, please detail the process they must adhere too. If all sales are final, say that here.

Other Policies
Use this section to enter any additional policies that you have for the shopping cart.