Soholaunch User Manual

Editing Events

After you create an event, you can go back and edit or delete it if needed. To do this, click the event's title in the calendar system. This brings you to the event's edit/delete menu. Here you may modify or delete the event as desired.

To edit the event, enter the new information in the boxes and then click the “Save Event” button. To remove the event, click “Delete Event”. Deletions cannot be undone.

Searching for events

To find events that you created before, you can search for them by keywords, date and/or category. To do this, click the “Search Events” button located at the top of the Calendar Menu. Use the options to search with the way(s) you prefer and then click “Search Now.”

Note:  Leave the search box blank and ALL events in your calendar will be returned. However, as your calendar gets larger, this may be a difficult way to locate events.