Soholaunch User Manual

Payment Options

In the Payment area, you can set the way(s) shoppers pay you for their purchases.

Choose Processing Method(s): Enable the payment methods you want here by checking the checkbox next to it. Here are descriptions of the payment options:

  • You can sign up with a third-party payment gateway, such as This lets you process credit card charges directly on your site. It requires you to first set up an account with the gateway and retrieve the info you need to enter into the Ultra shopping cart.
  • You can have the customer pay you offline with a physical check or money order.
  • You can use standard PayPay Website Payments (as opposed to PayPal Pro). The Ultra cart will redirect buyers to complete payment on PayPal's site using their PayPal account.
  • You can use all three of these methods or a combination of them. But you only need to use one third-party gateway for processing payments on your website.

NOTE: If you are processing credit card charges on your site with a payment gateway, you should be using an SSL certificate.

Configure Processing Methods

Each method of payment has additional settings beside it. Here are the descriptions of the methods:

Third-party payment gateways (, Eway, PayPal Pro, etc.)
Once you sign up and get an account with a payment gateway, you need to enter certain account information into the cart. The Ultra cart has boxes with labels about what information it needs for the gateway. Refer to the gateway's documentation or contact the gateway if you need help finding the required info. Once you enter the info and save it in Payment area, it will be saved there until you remove or change it.

Pay by Check/Money Order
Change the spelling of "check" depending on what is standard in your country. Use the drop-down for "Email Notify" to send you an email when a purchase is completed with this payment method. The email address can be added by clicking the "Business Information" tab and entering your preferred email in the "Notification Email Address" box. Also, you need to enter information here that tells customers whom they should make their check or money order payable to.

Enter the email address that you have associated with PayPal. This is where the funds will be sent. The "Continue Btn Text" is the text that shows on the button that shoppers will need to click to complete the purchase on PayPal's site. The other options have clear descriptions by them.

Additional Settings

Below are descriptions for the additional settings that appear on the Payments page.

Credit Cards: Allows to you show which cards you accept in your shopping cart if you're using a third-part gateway. Check the checkbox for the cards you accept.

Currency type and symbol: Select the currency type that your shopping cart uses and the currency symbol to display.

SSL Certificate: If you're using an SSL certificate (SSL - Secure Socket Layer), you can enter the secure url here. The description by it is clear about what to do.

Custom Payment Gateway: If you have integrated a custom payment gateway system, you can include that scipt here.

Custom Invoice Script Include: Allows you to execute a custom script when the final invoice is displayed.