Soholaunch User Manual

Administrative Users

Administrative Login

You can change your admin email address and password under the administration boxes.



Multi-User Access

An unlimited number of administrative users may be added to the multi-user access system. Each of these users can have their own, custom-specified levels of access to different areas of the software. To create a new user access, click the Add New Admin User button.

To add the new administrative user access you will need to complete the fields presented at the top of the page.

  • Admin User's Full Name - Self-explanatory.
  • Login Username - Create a username for the new user.
  • Login Password - Create a unique password for the new user.
    Note: The username and password created for the new administrative user MUST NOT match the login for the site webmaster.
  • Scroll down to set access parameters for the new user.


  • Select the Feature Modules which the new administrative user will have access to when logged in and editing the website.


  • If allowing Page editing rights, select which pages the new administrative user will have access.


  • If granting Shopping Cart access, decide if the new administrative user will have access to the Shopping Cart Invoices.


  • If granting Database Table Manager access, decide what data tables the new administrative user will have access to.
  • Save the new administrative user by clicking the Create New User button.