Soholaunch User Manual

Category Setup

You must first create categories for your shopping cart products. Categories organize your products for your site's visitors.

Adding Categories

Click the "Categories" tab under Shopping Cart. Type the name of your category into the box and click Add Category. The category will appear in the Current Categories box. You've now created a main category.


Sub Categories
Adding sub categories is optional. Sub categories let you organize your products under main categories. For example, if you were selling home-made beads, you may have primary sub categories for different bead materials, such as stone or plastic.

To categorize one step further, you can add secondary sub categories under plasic for different shapes of beads, such as round or square.

Adding Sub Categories 
You can add and edit them by clicking Edit/Add Sub Categories. This button is next to each main category. Add a new sub category by clicking Create New Sub Category. This is a link above the Unassigned Sub Categories box.

Setting Primary Sub and Secondary Sub Categories
You can now set Primary Sub and Secondary Sub categories. Use the arrows to arrange the Primary and Secondary Sub categories. Be sure to save your changes when you are finished.

Once you finish creating your categories, you can start adding products to them. See Adding New Products for more information.